Pırlanta Kurumsal


Foundations were laid in 1987. Pırlanta İnşaat, day by day with steady performance over 30 years revealed that the journey takes its place among Turkey's powerful and reputable companies. Pırlanta Construction, construction-contracting and tourism-service business in the field of activities successfully continues to be a quality and reliable service provider. Pırlanta İnşaat, which operates in construction-contracting business, has signed many valuable projects using its 30 years of experience, financial strength and technical competencies. In the business portfolio of the company, infrastructure and superstructure works such as dam construction, pond construction, hospital construction and sports complex construction, especially in all turn-key projects.


In all business areas, especially in construction and tourism sectors; to provide added value for the community, employees, shareholders and business partners; to carry out its activities with a sense of sustainability, respect for the environment and social responsibility.


With its dynamic staff and effective working understanding, we have achieved firsts, providing value to our stakeholders, being reliable in the sector, becoming a global brand.

Pırlanta İnşaat